What our clients are saying:

“I thought my follow up series was pretty good…”

I had been through a few reputable email marketing courses and learnt from one of the most successful internet marketers about email marketing... so I thought my follow up series was pretty good!

But after consulting with the team at LithiumBlack, I made some changes to my email series, and it significantly increased conversions overnight (literally!).

So if you’re on the fence wondering whether you really need ‘another email marketing course’ then YOU DO! Thanks LithiumBlack!!


“...easy to understand and implement…”

I am a 74 year old grandmother and new to email marketing. I have been working with Dan at LithiumBlack for over a year, and I can honestly tell you that being able to work with him has been worth way more than what I could have ever imagined!

Not only is his material easy to understand and implement, his integrity, honesty, and caring for his students and customers surpasses all others, and is an example for us to follow. The value of his expertise is beyond measure!

Get help today...you will be so glad that you did!